You are Capable of Loving Yourself all While Loving Someone Else at the Same Time

I know I know, there are probably thousands of blog posts and articles out there about self love; trust me, I've probably have even read them. I love reading posts about self love and people finding themselves because it's one truly magical thing. But this post is a little different. I often here that you can't find yourself or learn to love yourself while you are in a relationship; you may be too dependent on this other person or this other person may cloud your judgment on things. I am here to say that you are fully capable of loving yourself all while loving someone else at the same time.

I feel as though I have always loved myself but my true concept of self-love didn't happen until I was a junior in high-school which is also the year I started dating my boyfriend now of four years and a few months. I started understanding self-love before him; I started realizing what I love in life, I started doing things that I once would have been afraid to do, I started being completely okay with being alone, and started chasing after things that I wanted to pursue. Along with my other best friends (shutout to my mom) I also started becoming my own best friend and valued my time with myself so much. But then, he came into my life and I thank God for him everyday. We were best friends since freshman year of high-school but that junior year something changed. I was on this self-love kick and then God brought us together for something more. 

From the very beginning he did nothing and still does nothing but encourage me to pursue self-love while still loving me. He encourages me in a multitude of ways from chasing after my dreams, pushing me to things that benefited me but were outside of my comfort zone, encouraging me in the Word, encouraging my future and our future together. I have left the country twice, for one month and he did nothing but encourage me to go and love me from afar. Taking these two trips out of the country, one to study abroad and the other to teach children English probably were two of the things in life that helped me learn what self-love truly is. It is not easy going out of the country all alone, taking my first flight ever, which happened to be abroad and 18 hours long, definitely wasn't something I thought I'd ever do, but I did it. These two trips have defined who I am today. I fell in love with so many things from traveling, to children, to teaching and learning about new cultures. They taught me how to truly love myself. 

Not all self love journeys are the same, self love comes in a multitude of ways. We all have different things we have to work on, we all have different issues. Not all self love journeys lead you to the love of your life either but I am truly blessed mine did. One thing that a self love journey does lead you to though is true happiness. Happiness within yourself and happiness shinning out of you to show to others. 

So I am here to witness to you today that you are capable of loving yourself and finding yourself while loving someone else. God called us to love others so if that person you are loving is pushing you towards your goals, encouraging you, not holding you back all while loving you from near and far why not take a self loving journey with them.