Welcome To Waikiki


After this trip it is extremely evident that Hawaii is one of my favorite places I've ever been, it's currently tied with Italy! Our plane ride to Honolulu was long and horrendous, and by horrendous I mean our plane was delayed 6 hours. It was brutal but it was so beyond worth it. Luckily though, since our plane ride was delayed so long and we didn't take off until eight in the evening, I literally just slept the entire flight! 

The moment I stepped off the plane I could instantly tell there was something different about the Hawaiian air, it was somewhat magical. There was a slight breeze but the perfect warm weather, even at 10:00 pm. We spent most of our time on the prettiest beach in Waikiki which was literally a two-minute walk from our hotel. The water was this amazing aquamarine color and the beach was filled with the friendliest locals! 

I'm sure you already knew, but the other section of our time was spent eating! The food in Hawaii is amazing. One of the days I had a traditional plate lunch and when we say "bomb" that was probably the true definition! Don't even get me started on the desserts. OH. MY. GOSH. 

Hawaii was one place that was truly on the top of my bucket list and I am so blessed I had the opportunity to go. Traveling is something I can't wait to continue to do and continue to document! Waikiki is an amazing little place full of amazing views, beaches, food, and nightlife!