February Freebie: Minimal Luxe Calendar


Happy February! January was good and I'm stoked for February. Have you all written down your goals yet? I think I mentioned this before but instead of doing resolutions for an entire year, I do monthly goals. They're more realistic and I can spend the month focusing on them!

As February rolls in I wanted to go ahead and create the first freebies of the month for you. I create a lot of custom designs and I love it but I want to start putting more free content here on the blog. I love being able to utilize my creativity and resources to be able to produce free content that will help you all or just simply look pretty to you. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the inside scoop on all my free content I produce!

Luxe stationary is my guiltiest pleasure. I literally could spend all day looking at, thinking of new ways to create it, and supporting fellow creatives and purchasing/downloading theirs. I wanted to create something minimal but with a luxe feel that you could print out, set as your wallpaper or do whatever with!

I created both a printable and an Iphone wallpaper / Instagram stories template that you all can snag below for free. If you use these be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see how you used them.