Four Ways You Can Get Out of Your Creative Collapse


Every few months I seem to find myself sort of creatively collapsing. I don't know if it's my lack of inspiration surrounding me or if sometimes I just run out of ideas. I used to sit and complain about it when it happened, which was not helping me what so ever. But over the past few months I have found ways to help me break out of the rut and hit the ground running. I'm not saying that I never get uninspired anymore, because trust me, I do. But now I have found ways to get myself back to being motivated and get my creative juices flowing. 


I was never a podcast girl, I thought I couldn't get into them and that they just weren't my thing. Until I saw that Sophia Amoruso did an interview on her podcast Girl Boss with Jenifer Hyman. Jenifer Hyman is one of my favorite girl bosses and someone I completely look up to so I knew I had to listen. From that point on I have fell into this podcast frenzy and I cannot stop listening. I know find myself listening to podcasts instead of music when walking to class and waiting for class to start. 

Other bloggers.

Other bloggers fuel my inspiration so much! All types of bloggers: design, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc! I love diving into another bloggers work, seeing their day to day shenanigans, hearing about what works for them and what their passionate about. Whenever I find a new blogger I love I tend to stalk their blog for about two days, i promise I'm not crazy, and become so awestruck with how passionate they are at what they do. This instantly inspires me, gets me thinking of new ideas and so much more. 


Creating moodboards.

Moodboards are my favorite and help me get my ideas flowing. I tend to grab a bunch of photos I love, with no particular theme in mind. Even though I don't have a theme in mind the photos tend to patch in the final project. Grabbing sources of inspiration such as pictures help me sort of take a step back. I am able to look at something I created that didn't take much effort. It's both relaxing and way to get inspired. Sometimes I go to Tumblr or Pinterest and use those platforms as my moodboard. 

People watching.

I love people watching. Probably because I live in New York City and this place is full of magic. Sometimes I grab coffee, with no destination in mind and eventually find a park to sit and just watch. I love looking at outfits and architecture and grabbing inspiration from everything around me. 

There are so many more ways that I get inspired but these four ways are what have been helping me recently. What are some things you do the get out of your creative slump?