Do you need a customized media kit, business cards, thank you notes or a new logo? The Mod Collective focuses on bringing you timeless branding strategies that will emphasize your brand. The Mod Collective takes the time to understand your personal aesthetic, what your business is about and create you something that you will fall in love with. The Mod Collective work on completely customizing products to create what you invision. Have an idea? Pitch it, Kierra love to help!




custom media kit

Imagine this: you're pitching to your dream brand to work with and you have your own, customized, dream media kit to send them! Something that completly matches your aesthetic, shows off all your incredible attributes and something you're proud to send out! We got you!

estimate time of finish: 2-3weeks.

Logo design

The Mod Collective loves creating effortless and timeless logos for your blog, business cards or thank you notes! We will customize it to your specific prefernce anad create you something you love.

estimate time of finish: 2-3 weeks.

business cards

Business cards are ideal for your business and here at The Mod Collective we take pride in creating you a business card that you are beyond proud to hand out with a simple, elegant designs.

custom brand design

Need help figuring out what the heck to even do with your brand? Don't know where to start? The Mod Collective can help you with a completely customized mood board with logos, fonts, colors and more to help you get your dream brand design started.

digital design

Simply just need some pretty digital designs or digital prints to hang on your walls or to put as your computer background? Or maybe you want a design to send in your latest email for your business, we can help.

Thank you notes

Need some digital or printed thank you notes to send out to your customers or friends AND want them completely customized? The Mod Collective will help you come up with a pretty thank you design that you love!


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