Summer Lovin' Makeup | One Over One Collaboration

Beauty and skincare is something I want to start implementing more onto my blog! My skincare routine is something that I've been taking so serious lately and have been finding products that I truly love and will doing a post on it soon! Today I am going to be talking to about some cosmetics that I have been loving by One Over One! One Over One is a simple, elegant, and organic makeup brand; the brand is minimal and clean and I absolutely love it! I have been trying out some of the goodies they sent me and I couldn't wait to share them with you! 

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Base Glow: I absolutely love a glowing face, I have been using illuminizer this entire summer, usually this Estee Lauder one that I absolutely love! So I was super excited when they sent over the base glow. I love a natural glow, that gives off that dewy look. This base glow is extremely lightweight and this may sound odd but I love the smell of it. It gives off this very clean smell that is great, especially when applying it to your face. I usually either mix this in with my foundation or I put on a coat of the base glow then my foundation over it! 

Brozer + Blush Duo: This ALIZARIN ROSE CREAM COLOR is literally the perfect bronzer blush duo for summer! I really dislike when cream contour is very harsh and that is the great thing about this product, it isn't harsh one bit. I usually put about two coats of the contour on the hollows of my cheeks and then dab the blush right above it. This product gives off the perfect glowing, dewy look, which I am obsessed with.

Lip Oil:  When I read the words "lip oil" I was slightly hesitant to use this. I didn't know what to expect and I'm also not a huge lipstick person. This lip oil is great though! The color is stunning, it's this perfect maroon shade that I can't wait to style this fall and winter season! The lip oil is actually very light and I put about two coats on to give a hint of color to my lips! 

I am absolutely in love with the goodies that the girls over at One Over One sent and I can't wait to continue to play with them. As I get ready to make my move back to the city I'm looking for some new makeup storage. I love this and this but I'm just not sure. Do you all have any suggestions where I could get some cute and simple makeup storage, what do you use and love?

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disclaimer: these products were gifted to me but all opinons are my honest review.