Off The Shoulders For Spring


Off the shoulder clothing just might be my favorite trend that has made it's way back, #so90's. From shirts to dresses, each time I wear something off the shoulders I instantly feel ten times more chic. Despite the lack of effort that goes into an off the shoulder look, my outfits somehow manage to turn out looking way better than if I would have spent an hour trying to find something to wear. 

Out of mere curiosity I stumbled into Aeropostale just to look around. Nothing was catching my eye until this little navy blue number kind of just appeared out of nowhere. I snagged the only one left in my size and have literally been obsessed with it since. The dress is super cozy yet lightweight; perfect for both summer and spring. This dress is also super easy to both dress up and down. What is your favorite spring trend right now?

I hope you all had an incredible weekend and hope your Monday is off to a good start. Finals week is coming up so this girl will probably be spending most of her days in the library, nose in a book and keeping a second coffee on deck.