Navy Blue | My Favorite Summer Romper

Happy Thursday! Today I'm going to be sharing a romper with you all today, which I haven't done yet here on this blog. Rompers are most definitely my jam! They are super easy to put on and they are so comfy! Although, I am very particular about my rompers; I don't like them to be too tight and I'm not really into extremely floral patterned clothes! So this navy blue one is literally perfect. It's flowy in all the right places and it's a solid color! 

My favorite summer romper.

Of course I paired a pair of slides with this romper because I literally can't stop wearing slides, like I'm addicted. Whenever I'm looking for shoes I'm instantly typing in "slides" online *inserts face palming emoji.* I love open toe slides, closed slides and any other way they could possible come in. I have these white ones and a pair of black ones that I've been wearing on repeat. I also added my current crossbody bag with this outfit that I've been carrying non stop. I love crossbodies for the summer because they are just so convenient and don't have me lugging around my whole life on my shoulder.