Blush Tones for Spring

I am officially done finals and after I finish typing my essay I will officially have wrapped up my junior year of college! This year has been so tough from taking hard classes, to realizing I hated my major and then to actually changing my major. It is extremely safe to say that I am ecstatic that this school year is over. This year has shaped me a lot though, and I am so thankful for that. It has help taught me to truly to chase my passions. So I have a question for you all, how's the weather where you live? Because if this outfit doesn't explain the weather we had over the weekend in New York City then I don't know what will.

A sweater with open-toed shoes, where do they do that at? I swear, as soon as I applaud the weather on Instagram it decide to play with my emotions and throw me completely off guard. As I was getting ready for church this past Saturday I was sweating so I decided to check the weather and to my surprise it was 55 only degrees: cloudy and windy. WHAT? Like it is spring, what is going on. I had just gotten a new pair of shoes that I desperately wanted to wear, yet they were open-toed and the weather was so not cooperating. So I took one for the team and by team, I mean me. I grabbed my favorite black sweater, I was trying to keep warm on top since I was going to wear open-toed shoes. I paired the sweater with my favorite jeans. It's so hard for me to find good jeans but I love these ones. Where do you all get jeans from? 

 Okay, back to the shoes though. I seriously had been dying to get my hands on these and they are the perfect blush color. They have them in black and brown too. Unfortunately, I think the blush ones are sold out but if they come back in stock I will link them! I Will also link some similar ones below.

Basically what this outfit is saying is that New York City needs to get it together and stop trying to play me with this weather. I need open-toed shoes and short sleeves. As much as I love this sweater I am so ready to put all my winter clothes away for the next three months. 

*this blog post does contain some affiliate links.

*this blog post does contain some affiliate links.